AndTV Update v0.3

I just uploaded the new version and here's the changelog:
* DVD Navigation (remote and stream)
* Control remote volume with hardware volume keys
* Several minor improvements

I hope you will enjoy navigating through DVDs ;)
And you've probably noticed a new download: AndVLC. It is a modified version of VLC, which eases the setup. See the documentation, if you are interested in the details.

And the next issues on my Todo list are: opening custom video devices, improved playlist support, and auto detection of VLC servers on the local net.

AndTV Update v0.2

First of all, I want to thank all of you, who gave me feedback in the forum. That gives me a good orientation in which direction further development is needed.

And here is the changelog:
* Support for VLC's old http interface
* New Icons
* Minor improvements and bug fixes

So what's next?
I am currently working on DVD navigation and on an easier setup for both AndTV and VLC. I know setting all up is suboptimal, and the next big update will hopefully address all those issues.

AndTV Update v0.1.1

The default streaming port is now 5544, to avoid conflicts with other applications, such as Windows Media Player. If you experience connection errors over cellular networks, set it back to 554.
Also experimental support for DVB-S was added. Since I do not own a DVB-S card, feedback is more than welcome :)

First AndTV Beta Version Released

The first AndTV beta has hit the market.
Please feel free to report any bugs in the forum.
Happy streaming ;)

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